02 March, 2020

Colouring Book: En Famille - Lilo and Stitch

It's beautiful! LOL if you can't love your work no one else will. But also, I'm proud of myself for improving with every Disney page I colour because, honestly, living up the the amazing artists at Disney is NOT EASY, people! Especially when doing it on livestream and you're like... am I going to screw up HUGE?

The answer is no, it actually worked out pretty well and we had a great time. I used a reference of the exact scene in Stitch Has a Glitch as well as another reference for the background. It's not a perfect match to the colours, it takes a bit to get right, but honestly part of colouring is adding your own touch. We used Copic markers as well as Neocolour 2 for the sky because I just love the spread of Neocolour 2 on the Copic paper. SO smooth and beautiful. I finished up the details with Polychromos for the full mixed media experience.

This is how far we got on the livestream over on Twitch. If you'd like to see the replay you can head to Twitch or Youtube to check it out. And don't forget to join us for the whole experience while the stream is live.

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