04 January, 2021

Colouring Book: The Mortal Instruments - Simon Feeds from Jace

 I've been watching Shadowhunters and listening to the Mortal Instruments series on Audible so I thought it only fitting to get the colouring book. It arrived during a  stream and chat picked this picture for us to do, of Simon feeding from Jace after he'd been injured. It's a rather bloody scene, but also more than a little romantic, which is always suitable for our purposes.

While I'd heard the book before, I didn't remember the scene specifically so we made a few guesses during the stream as to what and where the scene was happening and what colours we might use. I decided to focus on the main characters for the stream, since I usually do a lot of backgrounds.

On my own, I listened to the scene on Audible. I got the colour of Simon's shirt wrong, we chose green and it's blue, and I also realised we needed to add more blood as well as injuries on Jace. It's new for me to colour in such a minimal style, for the anime type nature of the characters, but I think it worked out pretty well. I did practise ahead of time, having scanned the facial features and printed them out just in case. I didn't want to wreck my new book. I also realised they're in a very dark room, so dark that there was no way to see the chaos outside, the background had to be abstract, random, and so I decided to see it as Jace's reaction to the venom in a vampire's bite; a sort of hallucinogenic drug. So I coloured the random shapes in blues and purples and added sparkles.

The Mortal Instruments colouring book, by Cassandra Jean and Cassandra Clare

Copic marker, Faber-Castell Polychromos, and sparkly gel pen.

If you'd like to watch the replay of the Twitch stream you can see it here:


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