30 June, 2021

Colouring Books: Jurassic World - Indominus in the Aviary


For my birthday month I wanted to colour as many things that I like as I could, so of course one of the things I picked was dinosaurs. I love the Jurassic Park universe and I wanted to colour the Indominus Rex. To be honest, she's kind of all I wanted to colour in this picture so she got the most attention. 

We didn't get super far on stream, but we did a decent amount done among our weird conversations, which apparently is just a hallmark of my streams to be honest.

27 June, 2021

Colouring Books: The Mortal Instruments - Vampire Cycle Escape

I'm loving colouring this book, and the Shadowhunters Chronicles in general, so for my free time colouring I picked another Mortal Instruments picture to colour. If you can't tell from the job that I did, I honestly didn't want to colour the motorcycle machinery, but I liked colouring the rest of it. I always use the books as a reference so I checked into what they were wearing and what time of day it was, etc. 
I did copic marker on the entire sky, which I don't usually do, but part of that is because I was/am too lazy to refill my Tombow Blender pens and use Neocolour 2. I think it turned out okay, but I was curious how the new Holbein pencils would look over the top in the sky. I don't like the result, but the only way for me to know that is to try it so that's what I did. 

I also painted out the clouds in this picture, first with Americana paint which IMO is shitty, and then with Neocolour 2 over the top to add contrast and details. I'm not great at clouds yet, but I keep trying.